During February and March, we are offering discounted dental treatment for your pets, be they dogs, cats, or rabbits.  Just like us, our pets need to look after their teeth, otherwise they too can suffer from diseased teeth and gum disease.

Signs of poor dental health in all our pets can show itself in a few ways, such as a change in eating habits, or bad breath developing, you may see that the gums look red or inflamed.  These warning signs can develop into more serious conditions and preventative methods are the best way to stop dental problems before they become a question.

We recommend regular dental checks every 6 – 12 months. In our specialised dental clinics, your pet will receive a thorough initial examination, to assess the condition of your pet’s teeth. Depending on the findings, they can then go on to have a simple scale and polish if required, or if the nurses spot any loose or diseased teeth, a vet will conduct a more detailed dental, which can include extractions under general anaesthetic.

During nurse clinics you can get advice on how to develop a tooth brushing regime that is safe and effective, and our nurses can also advice on how diet can help in slowing down dental disease.

For details of our discounted dental checks and treatment, please either call the practice, or you can make an appointment online at Book Online | Hilltop Vets using the nurse consultation option