End of Life


There sadly comes a time for all our pets where their quality of life deteriorates and a difficult decision needs to be made about end of life options. Unfortunately most animals do not just ‘fall asleep’ at home and humane euthanasia is the kindest option to avoid unnecessary suffering. Our aim at Hilltop is to make this process as dignified and peaceful as possible for you, your pet and your family.

The process involves administration of a simple injection, designed to anaesthetise your pet but at a dose that causes the body systems to shut down permanently. Occasionally we may recommend sedation prior to giving the injection but this is not normally necessary. Usually a nurse will support your pet while the vet administers the injection and you will be able to stroke, or even hold, your pet as they drift away.

Immediately afterwards your pet may show some reflex movements such as twitching or gasping. This is a perfectly normal part of the body shutting down and is not felt by the animal. People are often surprised that the eyes remain open after their pet has passed on.

Euthanasia can be carried out at the surgery or in your own home. This is a difficult time for the whole family and being at home can make the process a little less daunting. Wherever the final appointment takes place we will always give you the time and privacy you need to grieve with your pet.

We will discuss the options for home burial and cremation with you.  Cremation is carried out at Yew Tree Farm crematorium, which we have visited to ensure that your pet will be treated respectfully throughout the after life stages.

For more information please see  https://www.pcsonline.org.uk/