Neutering & Surgery


Most of us encounter surgery for our pets for the first time when they are neutered (female spay or male castration). At Oxford Vets Hilltop we recommend a pre-neuter check up with the vet or nurse.
We will confirm the sex of your pet, check if they are healthy for the anaesthetic and discuss the procedure with you. We recommend neutering in male and female dogs and cats from 6 months of age. But, this is not appropriate for every individual and we can discuss the best timing (or whether neutering is right for your pet) with you. We also offer neutering for rabbits and hormone implants for dogs and ferrets.


Neutering & Other Surgical Procedures

We offer a range of other surgical procedures, both orthopaedic and soft tissue, at Hilltop. The vet (or our specialist vet Dr Hannes Bergmann) carrying out the procedure will discuss the benefits and risks of the operation with you. Most procedures are carried out under general anaesthesia. Though some smaller procedures may need sedation. Both anaesthesia and sedation carry a small risk but at Hilltop Vets your pet is in safe hands. We use up-to-date anaesthetic agents and high tech monitoring equipment. All our patients are monitored by trained, qualified veterinary nurses, throughout their procedure.

On the morning your pet is admitted for surgery we will administer a premedication before the procedure begins. This will settle any nerves and help them relax in their new environment.
Our accommodation is designed to optimise well-being and reduce stress. We’re confident your pets will feel safe and secure whilst they are with us. For longer procedures or for older animals, the vet may advise a pre-anaesthetic blood test along with supportive fluid therapy. After the procedure, a nurse will monitor the recovery of your pet and the vet will explain the aftercare to you before discharging your pet home.

Members of our Pet Health Plan will also receive 10% off neutering procedures.