Vaccines have been the cause of much debate in both veterinary and human fields over recent years. At Hilltop Vets, we believe in vaccination, as we have seen the tragic consequences of unvaccinated individuals.

We also offer titre-testing for cats and dogs for owners concerned about the regular administration of vaccines to their pets. A simple blood sample is taken to check whether your pet has a protective level of antibodies against some of the diseases we routinely vaccinate against. We are then able to form a protection plan tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

The puppy/kitten course of two injections, usually given at 8 & 11 weeks of age (dogs) and 9 & 12 weeks of age (cats), and a further booster one year later are the most crucial in providing protection.

After the first year, we stagger our vaccines, as recommended by the WSAVA, so that your pet receives the minimum components they need each year. We can also discuss which diseases are relevant to your particular pet’s lifestyle. For example 100% of indoor cats will not need the same protection as their free-roaming counterparts.

We recognise that each individual’s circumstances will be different and should you prefer your pet to undergo titre testing, please let us know.

At Hilltop we take rabbit health very seriously. We recommend annual vaccination against Myxomatosis and both strains of Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. Your rabbit will have a comprehensive health check including examination for dental disease, a common cause of problems in bunnies.

Regardless of the vaccines your pet receives, we recommend annual health checks to detect and address health issues early on. These are important as your pet ages. For some senior pets, we would recommend visiting us twice a year to identify risk factors for geriatric diseases, before they cause problems. Our nurses carry out geriatric clinics which can offer peace of mind between your visits to the vet.

To save money and stagger the costs of your vaccinations and other preventative healthcare costs, why not consider joining our Pet Health Plan?