Dodi & Red

Here at Hilltop, we believe that financial constraints should never prevent a patient from receiving the best possible care.  In fact, keeping your pet well with regular health checks and disease prevention, as part of a healthy lifestyle, can avoid a huge number of costly problems later on.  

Our Pet Health Plan helps you do just that, while saving you money.  Unfortunately, even with the best of care, every pet will from time to time experience illness and injury; some illnesses and injuries can lead to a lifetime of treatment, such as in the case of heart disease, skin disease, diabetes and osteoarthritis. This is why we recommend  insuring your pet with a lifetime policy.

Our charges reflect the skill and knowledge of our team and our costs in delivering high quality veterinay care. By charging fairly and correctly, and asking for payment at the time of treatment, we are able to invest in our team, premesis and equipment, ensuring we can continue to provide our services to all of Oxford’s pets and their owners.

OUR PRICES (inclusive of VAT) for routine care:

Follow up consultation£35.00
Repeat long term medication checks£25.00
Nurse consultation£20.00
Booster vaccination + health check£45.00*
Puppy/Kitten vaccination course + health check£60.00*
Titre testing + health check£60.00
Female dog neuter – spay (weight dependent)£195.00-£360.00 **
Male dog neuter – castrate (weight dependent)£125.00-£210.00**
Female cat neuter - spay£85.00**
Male cat neuter - castrate£60.00**
Female rabbit neuter - spay£105.00**
Male rabbit neuter - castrate£80.00**
Dental scale & polish (excludes tooth extractions)£175.00 dog / £135.00 cat
Animal Health Certificate (for travel to EU)£150 (+£50 per additional pet up to 5 pets)
Hip and Elbow Kennel Club/BVA Scoring£335.00
Home visit£90.00 (up to 10 miles, subject to arrangement)

*100% discount for PHP members
**10% discount for PHP members