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Privacy Policy for Pet Owners

What data we collect and store:

  • Your contact details (name, postal address, email and phone numbers)
  • The medical history of your pet(s) – this is not covered by GDPR
  • Financial information about the transactions you have had with us including any payment issues
  • Insurance policy details, claims and financial transactions
  • Information that may effect how we communicate with you (such as if you have a hearing or visual impairment or difficulties with memory retention)* with your express consent
  • Health information about you, limited to information without which you could be exposed to a risk to your health during the normal course of treating your pet (such as a penicillin allergy, immunosuppression or pregnancy)* with your express consent
  • Feedback you give the practice
  • Information regarding your interactions with staff, if deemed necessary to protect staff health and safety
  • CCTV images from areas with CCTV notification signs


How we obtain your data:

  • Online registration via encrypted website form
  • Information you supply to us in person at the surgery
  • Information you supply to us by telephone, email and social media messages
  • Clinical records from other veterinary surgeries as a result of you requesting the transfer of your pet’s care to us
  • Insurance companies may provide information about you/your pet to us but should obtain your permission before doing so, we will use this information to help process claims/pre-authorisations


How your data is stored:

Computerised records are stored on our password protected secure server. Authorised staff can access this data on- and off-site and are subject to timed log-outs. The majority of paper records, such as consent forms, are scanned onto the computer system within one week and subsequently destroyed. Paper records, where there is a legal requirement for these to be retained, for example Export Certificates, are filed in a locked cabinet in a secure room.


How we use your data:

  • To facilitate the provision of medical care for your pet within our clinic
  • To keep a record of financial transactions you have had with us
  • To administrate our Pet Health Plans
  • To make contact with you for the reasons given below
  • Stored CCTV images are accessed only for crime prevention/investigation purposes


When we will communicate with you:

  • General administration of your pet’s healthcare (such as informing you about test results, medication ready to collect, appointment times)**
  • Routine health care reminders (booster vaccinations, medication/parasite control)
  • Information regarding how to access our services
  • Relevant healthcare promotions (such as firework phobias during November) and offers
  • Newsletters and links to blogs
  • Events (such as talks and Open Days)
  • Invoicing and debt control**
  • If there is a data breach that would put you at risk


We will confirm your preferences for communication at the time of registration and and again on a regular basis when contact details are updated (minimum every 3 years)

You can ask for us to update your communication preferences at anytime by contacting us in writing, by telephone or in person. We will action this within 10 working days.

**We are unable to provide care for your pet if you do not agree to us contacting you for these purposes as these are required in order to fulfil our contractual obligations


When we will share your data with third parties:

  • For medical continuity for your pet when attending other veterinary surgeries including emergency service providers, referral hospitals and other general practice clinics
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Microchip registration
  • Government departments involved in the movement of animals into and out of the UK
  • External laboratories, radiologists etc. to process medical samples/images from your pet
  • Crematorium service when individual cremation has been arranged
  • Our IT support have access to our server on which your data is stored
  • Communication partners who help us communicate with you about our services
  • Our legal advisors/insurers in the event of any dispute/potential dispute
  • Debt management agencies in the event of default
  • The Kennel Club will be informed of caesarian sections and conformation-altering procedures
  • Relevant bodies in the case of genetic testing, such as hip and eye scores, will be provided with breeder details and the Kennel Club make results of such testing available to the public
  • Drug reaction and disease surveillance purposes
  • To uphold the law, animal welfare and the wider public interest including, but not limited to, law enforcement, Trading Standards, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the RSPCA


Third parties we share data with only with your express permission:

  • As introducers for Vetsure Insurance
  • On our social media pages (limited to photos and names)


How long do we keep your records?

We will retain all your data for a minimum of 7 years from the date we last provided medical care to any of your pets in order to protect the legitimate interest of the business. After 8 years of inactivity all records will be anonymised.


Requests for data:

You can request to see the data we hold on you and your pet at any time by contacting us in writing (including email) at the address below. We will respond within one month.


Requests for amendments/change in preferences:

You can ask for us to amend your records at anytime (for example a change of address or to correct a misspelling) or request to stop receiving healthcare reminders, newsletters/blog updates and information about events/promotions/offers by contacting us in writing, by telephone or in person at any time. We will action this within 10 working days.


Requests for removal from database:

You can request the removal of any sensitive data (pertaining to your own health as above*) at any time. Requests for deletion of these records from our files must be in writing (including email) to the address below and will be actioned within one month.  Contact details, clinical and financial records will not be removed until seven years after they were created in order to protect the legitimate interests of the business.


If you do not feel we have handled your data or preferences correctly please contact the surgery in the first instance and we will do our best to rectify the situation. If the problem is still not resolved you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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This Policy was last updated on 7/2/2022