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et Travel Service. It is now even easier to travel to other EU countries (and certain listed countries*) with your pet. Julie, our resident LVI (authorised to issue travel documentation), will guide you through the simple 3 step procedure. This procedure can be carried out in one visit to Oxford Vets Hilltop.

Microchip check/new chip implanted. We always recommend you check that the owner and pet details held by the microchip company and those going on the passport match.

Vaccination against rabies. This is similar to your pet’s normal booster vaccinations and must be repeated every 3 years, for the passport to remain valid.

Passport issued (no complicated forms or dodgy photos required, we fill out the passport while you wait.

You can travel just 21 days after these steps are completed**.

There are a few other considerations, such as parasite control and disease prevention, specific to the region you are headed for. We will discuss with you the requirements to return to the UK, which includes, in the case of dogs, TAPEWORM treatment 1-5 days before re-entering the UK.

Pet Travel Service – Outside EU

If you are travelling outside of the EU please contact your destination’s governmental body before planning your trip. There will also be more complex arrangements for returning home from non-EU countries and if you are travelling into, or out of, the UK to your pet.

Travelling to Southern Ireland? This has caught out a few pet owners. You will still need to go through steps 1-3 above and wait 21 days before travelling. Tapeworm treatment is not required on your return to the UK but is still recommended.

For tips to make your pet’s journey more comfortable, speak to one of our nurses or read our Home to Hilltop Guide.

For further information on the PET passport scheme and for *Listed Countries go to

**some courier companies and airlines may have their own additional requirements.  Please check before booking your trip.  In particular, you may need a health certificate, or the specific area in your pet’s passport regarding fitness to travel, to be completed shortly before travelling.