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All the staff at Hilltop Vets are committed to making your visit to the vets as pleasant an experience for you and your pet as possible. However we do understand that a trip to the vets can be stressful for owners and pets alike.  If your pet does get nervous during their vet visits then please inform reception, when booking your appointment, so we can tailor our services to meet your needs and minimise stress.  This might include giving you an appointment during a quieter period, or finding you a room to wait in without other animals present.  Learn what to expect from your appointment with the vet or nurse, if this is your first visit.  If you would prefer us to come to you, please speak to one of our receptionists about a home visit.

Top Tips For Your Trip

  • Use a crate or cage to transport your cat, or other small pet, safely. Dogs should be on leads.
  • Desensitising your pet to their crate is a great idea. Clients always tell us that their pets run a mile as soon as they see ‘the crate’.  Try getting it out a few days before your visit, or even feeding your pet their favourite food in the crate for a few days, before your trip to see us.  That way your pet will associate the crate with positive experiences.
  • If possible get your pet used to the car and do a few car trips that end up back at home. Or even better, pop into see us for a coffee, treat and a cuddle so your pet associates the car and Hilltop vets with good rewarding experiences.  Why not pair your visit with a walk on the beautiful, on-site, nature trail while you are here?  (If you have forgotten your poo bags just ask for some before you set off!)
  • Place your pet’s bedding in the crate so it already has their scent in it.
  • Use Feliway spray for cats or Adaptil collars for dogs to reduce stress.
  • Make sure your pet is fed at least two hours before your journey. If pets are in sick in the car it could make them fearful of the car journey next time.
  • Make sure you have taken you dog out to allow him/her to go to the toilet before travelling.
  • If your pet is sensitive to the car journey, try to avoid the rush hour traffic while commuting.  Hilltop vets offer extended weekday and weekend consultations; if these would benefit you, please ask reception when booking in.
  • On arrival, after checking in with our reception team, relax in our spacious waiting area with dedicated dog and cat areas. Pop your cat into one of our ‘cat house’ perches, so they can relax in safety while awaiting their appointment.
  • For long journeys, especially if travelling abroad, ensure you have a large enough crate for your pet to be comfortable, provide bedding and a non-spill water bowl or bottle. Airlines will issue specific guidelines for crate dimensions and type; please check carefully before you travel.

If you need any help or advice on getting your pet here happily, please ask our nurses who are always on hand to help.