Alabama Rot Suspected In Oxfordshire

Alabama Rot Suspected In Oxfordshire (But please don’t panic!)

I hoped our first blog would be about the process of converting an ex-agricultural building into a vet surgery, with photos of the amazing changes that took place in ‘The Barn’ during the Autumn/Winter before Hilltop opened.

However recent local events have changed the topic to one of national concern to dog owners.

We have been made aware of two local cases where dogs have been treated for suspected CRGV (Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy or Alabama Rot).

In both cases the dogs became unwell towards the end of March. The first, in the Faringdon area, is currently undergoing treatment for skin lesions. The second very sadly did not respond to intensive treatment and had to be put to sleep, a devastating outcome for all concerned.

It is important to remember that neither case has as yet been confirmed as CRGV.

Should you be worried?

There have been less than 100 confirmed cases in the last 5 years in the UK and in many cases the disease does not progress to kidney damage, with some affected dogs making a full recovery. However we would recommend that any dog showing skin sores or swellings, particularly around the head and feet/legs (though any part of the body may be affected) should seek prompt veterinary attention.

As investigations have as yet been unable to identfy a cause, any preventative steps are only advisory. As environmental factors may play a role, with most cases occuring in Winter/Spring, you may wish to wash your dog in plain, tepid water after a muddy walk, though it is not known whether this offers any protection.

Paw - CRGV
Ulceration on the paw of a dog with CRGV
Tongue - CRGV
Lesion on the tongue of a dog with CRGV
Tongue - CRGV
Ulcer on the tongue of a dog with CRGV
Ulcer - CRGV
Ulcer on thigh of dog with CRGV

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